The International Hypothermia Registry (IHR) is the first and only world wide database on human accidental hypothermia. This internet based registry was created by the hypothermia working group with the University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland which hosts the data on its secure server.

Transient mild hypothermia (core body temperature 35-32°C) is common and usually without consequences for the brain or other organs. However, prolonged deep accidental hypothermia due to accidents is rare, and usually fatal in more than 50% of cases. Little is known on its physiopathology, on prognostic factors for rewarming decision or ideal rewarming techniques for better survival. Furthermore, complications after successful rewarming are extremely frequent and very often severe or fatal.

The IHR’s principle goal is to increase knowledge on accidental hypothermia by gathering sufficient relevant data through international networking, creating the largest data base on deep accidental hypothermia. The registry will enable comparison of treating and rewarming methods, study survival predictor factors and prevention of post rewarming complications. This will help select the most efficient ways to treat these patients and permit the establishment of evidence based diagnosis and treatment guidelines.