Inclusion criteria: deep accidental hypothermia on humans with core body temperatures equal or less than 32°C/ 89°F. Any age, gender, or comorbidities. Preference for cases under 28°C with cardiac arrest. Includes cases without survival. Although this registry is mainly prospective, all older complete cases may be entered.

Data entry: if you have cases you would like to add to the registry you need to be given an authorization. Subscription is free of charge. Please go to the "new user section".

Patient data protection: In an effort to render the patient data in the registry the most anonymous possible, each case will be attributed a random number. Names and birthdates will only be accessible to the centre manager* (see access rights). The registry declines all responsibility regarding patient data protection. In submitting a case to the registry, the subscriber takes full responsibility concerning the confidentiality of the patient records he submits. We strongly recommend each subscriber to have written consent from the patient or legal guardian. In the case of non survival or inability to have a capacity of discernment, an approval by your local ethics committee is recommended. In all cases, we strongly recommend informing your local ethics committee before entering data for the first time.

Data retrieval: Data retrieval will be limited to the cases submitted under the same login or according to the degree of access rights* (see access rights). Publication of your own cases is allowed without permission from the IHR. Retrieval and studying of data from the registry as a whole is performed by the working group with the aknowlegement of all the participating centres.